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Tile Covers Calculation 5.1

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Designing a new bathroom, kitchen or any other room, and decorating it, is an exciting but enormous task but the Tile Covers Calculation program will help you to create your new room with your own ideas in a fun but productive and accurate way. Using this program you can create your room virtually with three-dimensional views of the model. Simply by clicking and holding and dragging your mouse button in the working field of the program's interface, you can draw the contours of your room which snap to the grid. Your X and Y values, or horizontal and vertical values, are displayed for your viewing in centimeters, having been calculated from the last contour point. To change your grid spacing you simply click the tile button in the menu. Double clicking on any wall, door, floor or ceiling, selects it for tile covering. If you wish to place a window or a door into a wall, you can check the featured Window Settings dialog box, which is selected by double clicking the wall space where you want a window to be placed. Tile Covers Calculation program is provided together with another program called Make3Dt.exe, which is designed for you to work with 3D objects. Using this additional program you can see how a 3D object can be displayed in your room and decide what external textures it requires, its dimensions etc., and finally, you can create the object and place it in your room. You can select tiles to cover areas of your room from the catalog menu provided.

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